May 02 2009

Overseas Visitors to ASLGSC Head Quarters

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We are introducing a new feature to our website from this month. The headline shows what it is. We will publish here photos of overseas visitors taken with the ASLGSC head quarters in its background.

We will take all efforts to take with us a camera on Saturday’s visits to head quarters, but please have your camera also with you when you visit ASLGSC HQ in your next visit to Sri Lanka.

In the month of April we had the opportunity to meet Sarath & Manel Wijesoma and Ruban at ASLGSC HQ. Sarath and Manel had decided to Celebrate New Year in Sri Lanka each coming half way from the destinations, they were taken to by their work, Manel from Sydney and Sarath from Qatar. Ruban was here from Bangladesh where he was working for the past 9 months. Now they have gone back to their respective destinations and we wish them all the success.

See the photos >>

Apr 03 2009

New Year Celebrations 2009

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The executive committee of ASLGSC is organizing “NEW YEAR” celebration for children on 25th April 2009, at the Association Head Quarters, No 139, Akuregoda Road, Pelawatte, Battaramulla at 3.00 p.m. The aim of the event is to give an opportunity to the members’ children to meet each other and to the members to see the talents of their kids.

Details of event open for children as well as adults

  1. සැඟවුනු අමුත්තා සෙවීම
  2. බැ‍ළුන් පිපිරවීම
  3. අලියාට ඇස් තැබීම
  4. සංගීත පුටු තරඟය
  5. බනිස් කෑම
  6. කණා මුට්ටිය බිඳීම
  7. චිත්‍ර ඇඳීමේ තරඟය
  8. විල්බැරෝ තරඟය

If you have any problem with the sinhala letters disply please download Sinhala Unicode Support

or download the official notice as a PDF file

Mar 09 2009

Russian Nights

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An evening of Russian food, music and entertainment has been organised by The Russian Centre on 20th March 2009 from 6:30pm onwards at Russian Centre, No.10, Independence Avenue, Colombo 7.

Tickets are priced at

Rs. 1,000/-    (Members)

Rs. 1,500/-    (Non Members)

Rs.    500/-    (Children)

Limited number of tickets are available at the Russian Centre. Please purchase tickets before 18th March 2009 to avoid disappointments. For inquiries please call 2685429/2885440.

Mar 06 2009

Day Trip to Madagama River Retreat

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A day trip to Medagama River Retreat on Sunday the 15th March 2009 has been organized by the Socio-Cultural Committee of ASLGSC. The entire place has been reserved for our members only. We expect more than 50 members and their families to be there. Organising committee try to be there by 9:00 am. You may find the route map and other information by visiting This may cost about Rs. 1,000 per head . BYOB + Chasers

For further details and to confirm your participation you may contact Mr. Lal Ranasinghe on 011-2866309. Your confirmation of participation in advance is essential.

Jan 14 2009

Be a Proud Partner of this Worthy Cause!… Hurry Up!

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There is a great opportunity for all of us to contribute to the ASLGSC Building Expansion Project, which is currently underway, and be a proud partner of this historical event Donations are already flowing in and the target completion date, March 31, 2009, is also fast approaching. Opportunities still exist for us to contribute as the donations pledged so far are not sufficient to complete the project on time.

Just imagine the cozy environment the ASLGSC premises provide us to freely meet and socialize on a regular basis with colleagues with whom we spent the best years of our youth studying in the former socialist countries. Why not we all get together and expand these premises to incorporate more facilities to enjoy our times with our friends and families better? We can be very proud that we are one of the very few associations of its kind to have such a facility of its own to meet and socialize. We need to protect it and improve it. Don’t we?

The total estimated cost of this ambitious project is Rs. 1,200,000 and the floor area to be added through the project is approximately 800 sq. ft. Accordingly, the cost per square foot is Rs. 1,500. ASLGSC welcomes member contributions of any magnitude. A couple of square feet, a few square feet or more…. The Association also plans to list the names of all contributors who make donations sufficient to build ten (10) or more square feet (equivalent of Rs. 15,000 or more), in a special plaque to be displayed permanently in the expanded building.

It is our turn now, ladies and gentlemen, to contribute in whatever way we could and be proud partners of this worthy cause.

Please see the image for a 3-D view of the proposed expansion, which is very pleasing to watch.

ASLGSC HQ in 3D view

ASLGSC HQ in 3D view

Please hurry to send your contributions to the ASLGSC bank account detailed below. For any clarifications, please contact Jaliya Dharmasena, President of ASLGSC at +94777729123 (M) or

Beneficiary Account Details:

Bank and Branch: Peoples Bank, Town Hall Branch
SWIFT Code: PSBKLKLXA023 (Transfer using this SWIFT code is recommended)
Account No: 167 1001 431 70383
Account name: Association of Sri Lankan Graduates from Socialist Countries or ASLGSC.